Monday, 2 May 2011

JAMES, M.R., ROOM 13 AND OTHER GHOST STORIES, A2, 1200 Headwords, Macmillan

By Dahyna Marulanda, 4°ESO EFL

Mr. Anderson decided to write a book about the history of Denmark when he was a student. To do it, he went to Vibory, an old city in Denmark.

He chose “The Golden Lion Inn” to stay in Viborg. On the first day, the landlord of the inn showed him two rooms: number 12 and number 14. Anderson chose room number 12. On the second day, he decided to go out and know more about the city. In the hall, he realised that there was no room number 13. Anderson thought that it was normal because thirteen is an unlucky number and probably many people didn´t want to stay in a room with that number.

On the third night, Anderson heard some steps in the next room, but he thought that it couldn’t be possible because the next room was number 13 and it was supposed to be empty! In the morning, Anderson decided to talk with the landlord and he told him a strange story about a man who died in room number 13 but people only found a letter from him. Since that day, every night Anderson heard someone walk in the next room...

There are four more ghost stories. All very interesting if you like that genre.

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