Sunday, 22 May 2011

PICOULT, Jodi, House Rules

Tania García Núñez, 2 ESO A

Jacobs Hunt is an 18 year old boy that has been diagnosed Asperger Syndrome. The novel also explains how children, adolescents and adults react and live with that problem.

Jacobs has been caught by the police many times and has now paid a lot of money. All of this started when his illness was diagnosed. But he and his family face it up and decide to do something. After thinking for a long while they decided to have “house rules” as the title of this book says, for example : “We’ve always said that Asperger’s isn’t a disability … just a different ability”, or “I must study and concentrate”.

This has been an interesting book because I have learnt how children and families where one of them has this disease work it out and help each other.

I think this novel should be read by children aged 12+.

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