Sunday, 15 May 2011

KING-SMITH, Dick, The Invisible Dog

Sara Finn Rodríguez, 2° ESO A

The story is about Janie, a young girl whose dog passed away when she was little. Her parents always told her that she couldn’t get a new one, as they were never at home and would not be able to look after the dog properly.

One day she found her old dog’s lead and collar in her garage. She wondered what they were doing there as she hadn’t laid eyes upon them before. Janie took them outside and imagined the dog in her mind. All of a sudden she was lost in a day dream as she walked down her road. She was so out of this world she almost bumped into her neighbour, Mrs Garrow. She began to speak to her about the collar and lead and what was supposedly in it...

My favourite character is Mrs Garrow as she tries to help Janie quite a lot and is very nice. I also like Janie as she seems very sweet, I get this feeling when I’m reading the book because she walks round with the collar and lead in her hand “imagining” a dog,

The theme in the story, I think, is belief as Janie believed that it was possible to get another dog even though her parents told her otherwise, and she also believed that there was a dog in that collar she found.

I did enjoy the book though it’s not the best book I have read, I also thought it wasn’t for my age group. I would recommend it to 7 to 9 year olds.

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