Saturday, 30 April 2011

BEDDALL Fiona, Alexander the Great, B1, Penguin level 4

Alvaro Conesa Vidagany, 1° Bachillerato EFL

Alexander the Great is one of the greatest generals in history. He was from Macedonia. When he was young his tutors taught him all knowledge that was known at that time and he was a quick and earnest learner. Physically he kept fit and was very strong. When his father (Phillip) was murdered Alexander inherited a huge Empire. Alexander was the new king of Greece but he had two different problems to resolve…

I think it’s a great book. I would recommend it to people who are interested in Alexander the Great and Greek culture. I think it’s an interesting book because it shows how a young man should face big problems and, with effort and hard work, find a solution. For that reason I think we should consider Alexander as an example in our time because sometimes we don’t face problems and difficult situations. We just try to avoid them and think that time will give us a solution. This isn’t right, we have to be brave, face problems and work them out as quickly as possible.

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