Thursday, 8 November 2012

Suzanne LaFleur 2009), Love Aubrey, Puffin Books
By Estefania Pinilla Taylor, 2ºESO B
Love Aubrey is about an eleven year old girl who was abandoned by her mum. A few months before, Aubrey's dad and her younger sister Savannah, died in a car crash. She thought it was fun at first playing house, eating cheese and crackers every day and night. Until her grandma showed up, Aubrey was taken to her grandma's house in Virginia. She made friends with the girl next door called Bridget. She was put into school and was convinced to go talk to the school's psychiatrist. Making friends was easy for her but it made her sad every time someone asked her about the scar on her forehead. At the end her mum comes back for her, but it was too hard to go back and live with her after everything that had happened. They all thought that it was best for her to stay with her grandma. However, her mum did come and visit often.
I really like this book because the author expresses Aubrey's feelings as if they were real, and keeps the reader wanting more. The story is written and told very well, and I think that more people should read it because they will enjoy it and want a second book by the same writer. 

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