Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lewis CARROLL, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Wordsworth Classics (2001)
By Ann Rose Layosa, 2º ESO B
This book was written by Lewis Carroll and this version was introduced by Michael Irwin. It is about a girl called Alice who was on a tree branch listening to her sister's book. She then saw a rabbit with clothes and a watch (very uncommon for a rabbit) and she decided to follow it until she fell down a rabbit hole and entered a world full of many uncommon things called 'Wonderland'. She then met a caterpillar who smoked and who gave her some advice. She also met Pig and Pepper (two brothers), a cat that appears and disappears and the Queen of Hearts, who played croquet. She also went to a mad tea-party, where she found a talking rabbit and an old small man.
I think this book is interesting because it contains many unusual things such as a smoking caterpillar, a rabbit with clothes on, etc., and because as you read, you find yourself in another world full of crazy things, and it's actually interesting to read something that is out of this world.

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