Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nathaniel HAWTHORNE (1850), The Scarlet Letter, Dover Thrift Editions
By Lorena Davies Mosquera, 2º ESO B
This story is set in the 17th century in Boston. It tells of a married woman named Hester Prynne who has given birth to an illegitimate daughter. Hester is then forced to wear the letter A on her dress, the A standing for ‘adulteress’, and then lives in solitude with her daughter, Pearl. Only the involvement of Arthur Dimmesdale keeps Hester and Pearl together. Meanwhile, feeling betrayed by his own wife, Roger Chillingworth sets out seeking revenge on Hester’s unknown lover.
I recommend this book because it has deep symbolism and is a very interesting read. While it can be complicated at certain stages of the book; it is a classic that will not fail to capture your heart, with intriguing characters, a stimulating plot and a vivid 

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