Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lauren WEISBERGER (2003), The Devil Wears Prada, Harper Collins
By Estefanía Pinilla, 2º ESO B
The Devil Wears Prada is about a young woman called Andrea Sachs, who wants to become a journalist. She gets hired as the second assistant of Miranda Priestly, a ruthless executive of the runway fashion magazine. Miranda’s first assistant Emily advises Andrea about the behaviour of their cruel boss. It will be a challenge for Andrea when she has to drastically change her clothes and image, with the help of Nigel, the magazine’s art director. The job becomes really hard, because of Miranda’s tough working rhythm and impossible tasks, which leaves Andrea without a private life with her boyfriend Nate, family and friends. In the end the old Andrea has gone and the new Andrea is now more preoccupied about her image and her future in the magazine.
What I liked best of the book is the beginning where you realise that although you’re not good at fashion and you don’t know what it is or means, you can still improve and reach the top. I also enjoyed how two assistants realise that although they are competing against each other they can still be friends and work together.
I would definitely recommend The Devil Wears Prada to my friends because it has a really good plot which combines drama with humour. The book keeps the audience interested and there are no slow sections in it. Once you pick it up and start reading you won’t want to put it down. People who are interested in fashion and drama should read it because these are the two main concepts of the book.

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