Friday, 20 January 2012

HORNBY, Nick, (1998) About a boy, B1 1700 Headwords. Penguin Readers,
Juan Diego Ruiz Díaz, 2º Bachillerato EFL

William Freeman is an unfriendly British man who has a very comfortable lifestyle because he survives thanks to the copyright of a successful Christmas song that his father made up ages ago. One day he's asked by some of his friends to take care of their son, as he is the boy’s grandfather. To avoid looking after the child alone, he joins a single-parents’ association called "SPAT" (Single Parents Alone Together) to meet some interesting women. One day, he goes on a picnic where he meets a 12-year-old-boy called Marcus, Fiona’s (one of the members’) son. They get on like a house on fire. William will even use him as his fictitious child to make friends with the women of the association. Marcus is an excluded boy, and he will obtain a lot of help from Will, who will finally fall in love with a single-mother called Rachel. Marcus confesses to Will that he wants to sing in the Christmas school show, so he helps him by playing the guitar, and he wins the competition. That Christmas, Will won’t be is his own, he will be with Marcus, Fiona and, of course, Rachel and her daughter.

About a boy is great book that I would recommend to anyone interested in sweet comedies. It has quite a lot of action, many things are always happening, so, you don't get bored.

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