Saturday, 21 January 2012

CROSS Gillian, (1994), On the edge, Oxford Bookworms Library

José Ángel Rivero, 2º Bachillerato EFL

Tug is caught by some kidnappers, made prisoner and sent far away from his home, close to Jinny´s house. Hug is afraid and wants to escape so he throws a message on a piece of paper, from the window to the field by making a paper airplane. Jinny finds it, and goes with the police officer to check what happens but they don’t find anything strange. Jinny can’t stop thinking about it, so she phones Tug´s mother and they think of a plan to release Tug.

From my point of view, the most interesting part in the book is the denouement, when Jinny realizes that the couple in the cottage are terrorists and have kidnapped Hug. Jinny contacts Hug´s mum and makes the plan to release Tug from the hands of the kidnappers. It becomes a very dangerous situation. This is why I particularly enjoyed the ending because it makes you keep reading, as you don’t know what is going to happen, and you desperately want to know it.

            I would strongly recommend this novel to people who enjoy thrillers and, as it is written in a semi-formal register, I would say that the most suitable people to read this novel are definitely teenagers who like suspense.

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