Saturday, 21 January 2012

H.G Wells, (1897), The Invisible Man, Campfire Graphic Novels
By Ignacio Rivoira González, 2º Bachillerato EFL

A stranger came one morning to an inn. His appearance was curious. No one could see his face, as it was completely covered with a bandage and big sunglasses. He also behaved in an odd way. He never talked and when he did, he was always in a bad mood. When people finally discovered that he was an invisible man, they wanted to arrest him, but the invisible man found it easy to escape.
The invisible man needed help. He was looking for a scientist called Kemp, who could help him because he knew him when he was a normal person. The invisible man explained to Kemp how he became invisible - when he mixed a substance with a special powder, breaking up the light that shines on it, it became invisible.
The invisible man, whose name was Griffin, asked the scientist for help. At first, Kemp agreed, but then he failed Griffin. So, for that reason Griffin became very angry and wanted to kill Kemp. But the ending is surprising.
I am not a big fan of science fiction books, but I find this one interesting as it uses the subject to explore larger themes, such as people´s fear of the unknown and the dangers of experimentation and ´playing God´. H G Wells is very good at holding the reader´s interest, creating tension and often finishing chapters on cliff-hangers.

This book has been recommended before. See October posts.

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