Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HIGGINS Jack, (1979), The Eagle has landed, Collins English Library, 2000 headwords.

By José Rivero, 2º Bachillerato EFL

Steiner, a German parachuter, is sent to England to kidnap Winston Churchill. His parachute groups, dressed as Polish soldiers, are waiting in a small village that Churchill will visit. The mission is undertaken by Radl, who thinks it’s a waste of time. Everything goes well, until a German soldier rescues a girl and dies, he is discovered and the mission fails. Finally, Steiner manages to shoot a man, but, is it the real Churchill?...

From my point of view, the most interesting part in the book is when the plan goes slightly wrong because one of Steiner´s men has given his life to save a girl. This shows that not all German soldiers are murderers and beasts, but it will have horrible consequences for them.
I would strongly recommend this novel to people who love history, especially the Second World War. As it is written in a semi-formal register, I would say that the most suitable people are teenagers who love history and war.

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