Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oscar WILDE, The Importance of Being Ernest,
By Luis Cabrero García, 1º Bachillerato A, EFL

The book talks about Algernon, a man who lives in London. He has a friend called Jack. Jack moves between London and his country house. Jack invented a brother called Ernest, the name which he calls himself when he is in London. He falls in love with Gwendolen, Algernon’s cousin. She thinks his name is Ernest as well. He met another girl called Cecily. The plot of the book focuses around the two girls trying to marry Ernest. He was abandoned as a child and given the name Jack but he thinks his real name is Ernest.

The main character is Jack Worthing, who is a rich bachelor also known as Ernest Worthing. He’s the protagonist because the plot revolves around his attempt to marry Gwendolen. His aunt, Lady Augusta Bracknell, is the antagonist because she opposes the intentions of the protagonist. Her refusal to allow Gwendolen to marry Jack is where most of the plot comes from.

I think anyone could read this book. It’s very funny and easy to read because it is a play and the dialogues are easy to understand as well. There is also a film.

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