Saturday, 4 August 2012

John GRISHAM, The Client, Penguin Reader, B1, 1700 Headwords
By Odile Liquete, 1 Bachillerato B, EFL

The book is about  a Mafia lawyer, Jerome Clifford, who before killing himself - reveals to young Mark Sway where the body of the US Senator who was assassinated by the Mafia weeks before, is hidden.  Because of this revelation, Mark Sway will be in serious danger and he will need to find help before the Mafia finds him.
The passage I liked the best, and which the whole book is based on, is  when, before killing himself Jerome Clifford- talks to Mark and - tells him about the turbulent and mysterious activities of the Mafia. ‘’My name is Jerome Clifford, and I will be dead in five minutes.  Barry the Blade is a member of the Mafia in New Orleans and he killed a US Senator…’’
I recommend the book because it’s easy and fast to read. It is an entertaining book full of mystery.

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