Thursday, 2 August 2012

Marc CERASINI (2008), Cinderella Man, Penguin Readers, B1 1700 Headwords
By Guillermo Momparler, 1º Bachillerato A, EFL

This is a tragic novel with shades of a love story. It tells the story of Jim Braddock , a successful New York boxer who lived at the time of the American crash. The story goes throughout his life and how he took his family out of poverty.

This is a contemporary book that talks about the boxing world and all the surroundings of the fame and luxury that turns poor and sad. It mixes historical events and lives of famous people.

I think the part I liked the best or I enjoyed the most is when Braddock told his wife, Mae, that he won the fight, and their little daughter, Rosy, started to punch her dad, smiling, because I think it's a very emotional moment when you're a dad and your little kids smile with happiness at you, saying that they love you with their eyes.

I would recommend this novel to students of English who are preparing their FCE exams because this kind of novel gives you a wide range of specific vocabulary about the boxing world.

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