Sunday, 6 May 2012

Adam BLADE (2008), Beast Quest. Vedra and Krimon, Orchard Books
By Benjamín Simón, 2º ESO A
Tom has a new quest from wizard Aduro. He has to bring Vedra and Krimon, the twin dragons, to a safe place before the evil wizard Mavel finds them. He is accompanied by his friend Elena. They find the two dragons but Mavel captures Vedra, so they have to save it before Mavel turns it to evil. Tom is an adventurer and a fighter. Elena always goes with him in his quests.
I found interesting the part when Vedra was turned evil and there was a big fight.
I would recommend this book to ages 8-9 because it is a fantasy book, it has a lot of imagination and the vocabulary is easy to understand.

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