Tuesday, 26 April 2011

CARROLL, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland

By Alessandra Whelan 1ESO A

One of the main themes in the story Alice in Wonderland is the growth into adulthood. Throughout the story she gets into numerous situations in which she has to adapt so she can overcome whatever challenge is given to her. One example of that is when she goes to the trials that seem to be very unjust and tries to put a stop to the Queen of Hearts beheading nearly everyone. During her adventure through Wonderland she somehow begins to understand the adult world a bit more.

Another very important theme is when Alice keeps changing size. She also has to adapt herself to these dramatic changes that are done to her body during adolescence. Alice’s size changes also change her perspective and she sees the world in a very different view, for example at the beginning of the story when she follows the rabbit down the hole she finds 4 small doors that she can’t fit into. So she discovers a little bottle labelled ‘drink me’ and she drinks it and becomes smaller. But she realises she left the key on the table and it is too high for her to reach it so she eats a cake labelled ‘eat me’ and it makes her bigger. In that part of the story she is very childish and terrified but she becomes a much stronger and self-possessed person.

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