Tuesday, 23 April 2013

J.R.R. Tolkien (1954) The Fellowship of the Ring, Del Rey mass market edition 2012
By Andrew Hutchison, 2ºESO B
This volume, one of the three books in the trilogy, tells the story of how four young Hobbits go (along with two men, a dwarf, an Elven prince and a wizard) out on a quest to destroy the one ring. In this book, the fellowship of the ring is divided, one group going to war against the enemies of good, while another smaller group, composed of the two very brave Hobbits Frodo and Sam go to Mount  Doom (a volcano in the land of the Orcs where the ring was forged) to hurl the ring into the lava, utterly destroying it and wiping evil from the face of the middle earth.

My favourite part was when the fellowship encountered the Mines of Moria, as there was a lot of action as well as humor.

I recommend this book and think it should be read, because the way the story is written is ingenious and although the language is a bit hard it is written in a way that anyone at least in their teens can get the basic meanings

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