Thursday, 18 April 2013

317 Portobello Road
London W10 5SZ
Wed. 17th April 2013
Dear Students,
Syria is in the middle of a civil war. It is in a terrible state; bombs going off every few hours, sounds of machine guns and many cries of pain. Our class, ESO 1B, have come up with the idea of setting up a fund raising sale, to help the innocent people survive the war.
The British Red Cross Charity is probably our best option. They support the Syrians by sending volunteers willing to help with all the equipment and resources needed such as food, medical equipment, clothes and many more vital resources. This sale will have cakes, cookies and cupcakes, which will raise a lot of money. The bake sale will take place at 11:30 am, 2:35 pm and 3:30 pm, respectively.
These innocent people do not deserve to be in the middle of this disaster. It should end. Sadly, we can't end it, but we can help. This fund raising sale will hopefully save a lot of lives.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the bake sale.
Yours sincerely,
Alex Constantin

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