Friday, 26 October 2012

In the unlikely case of being stranded on a deserted island...!
By Amira McQueen, 1º ESO B
If I were stranded on a deserted island for a month, and could only bring two things with me, they would have to be my parents. And technically no, this is not really cheating, but I suppose if this is insufficient, then I could understand.
I would take my father mostly because he is an ex-infantry soldier, therefore he could come very useful during the month. He could easily hunt animals and make weapons out of almost anything. Also, he would be able to provide fires and warmth. (I’m not calling him fat; I am merely saying he could skin animals.) He is basically like a Swiss Army Knife, but in person.
I would take my mother, not only because she can cook with almost anything, but because she is not flimsy either. She would probably stop us from going insane, which is one good thing. She is almost always positive, helping raise spirits. She is a counsellor, so she could basically even us out. Also, she cleans. I am not portraying women as slaves in the kitchen, cleaning after their husbands and children, but my mum really is OCD about things like that. Little imperfections bringing everything down. Initially, the more order and discipline somewhere. the easier it is to cope.
Those are the things/people I would bring. So, I would rather have a month laughing with my family even though we are missing some things, than spend a month crying to nothing about having nothing!

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