Friday, 26 October 2012

How to Survive on a Tropical Island
By Alex Constantin 1º ESO B
If I had to choose two objects to bring with me, the first one would be a machete. With it I would be able to cut through obstacles with no difficulty. You can chop and cut fruits you can find, like coconuts, and hunt animals. It can also be used for defending yourself if anything attacks you. Also, you can carve wood or stone you find to create more tools.
The second item I would take is a small mirror. With it, I would be able to make a fire faster with the reflection of the sun. That would provide me with heat at night, which is important in order to survive. Another useful feature of this object is that you can do the Morse code to contact boats in sight and inform them of your status.
Those are the two things I would take with me. The machete is a basic item that you would need to survive on a tropical island because you can cut through branches and other obstacles and you can hunt animals. In addition, the mirror can be a useful item at times, like when you are going to make a fire thanks to the reflection of the Sun.

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