Monday, 31 October 2011

Garth NIX, (2000), The Seventh Tower The Fall, Scholastic Inc.

Pablo Manning Sánchez, 2º ESO A

The Seventh Tower The Fall is about a boy called Tal who lives in a very dark world where the most precious commodity is light. In the castle of seven towers he is one of the chosen keepers of the magical Sunstones. But when one day his father (who carries their sunstone) goes missing, Tal goes in search for one. He tries everything he can except for one thing: stealing one. He climbs up the red tower to get past the veil (very sunny) where the sunstones grew. But while he’s getting one, he is caught by a powerful Spiritshadow that knocks him off the tower into to the black wilderness filled with unknown warriors, huge beasts and hidden magic. He also meets an enemy who saves his life and holds the key to his future.
The main themes are courage, resourcefulness, teamwork, and thinking your way out of problems.
I found it particularly interesting when he ventures with mina to retrieve two sunstones because they face terrifying creatures, fierce weather and hardship.
I would recommend this book to 10-13 year olds.

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