Tuesday, 25 October 2011

CASSIDY, Cathy (2006) Scarlett, Puffin

Fatima Ahmed Martinez, 2º ESO A

Scarlett is in trouble again! She’s just twelve, but since her parents split up, she has become wild. She’s gotten herself kicked out of five schools in two years. With her tomato ketchup coloured dyed hair, pierced tongue and terrible attitude, her mum’s had it up to here with her, so she sends Scarlett to her dad’s.
The thing is, Scarlett’s dad doesn’t live in England, he moved to Ireland with his new wife and her daughter. Not only does she go to Ireland, but also finds her dad’s new wife eight months pregnant. Scarlett is determined not to like it in Connemara, but a handsome, mysterious, 14 year old boy named Kian that rides a beautiful black horse named Midnight help Scarlett to see her life another way. When her new little sister is finally born, she becomes very happy, but it wasn’t easy saying goodbye to Kian. Scarlett returns to her mum and visits her dad every holiday. She and her mum do still have fights but they’re working on it. Every day whilst living in London, she hopes to see Kian again, some day
The part of the story I found most interesting was when Scarlett and Kian meet because that’s when they’re lives change around and also when everything starts.
I would recommend this book to girls aged 12-15.

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